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For too many of us, the discomfort of ill-fitting heels prevents us from wearing the shoes we really want to wear on the dance floor, at the office and behind the podium. But you shouldn't have to feel less because you can't dress as your truest self.

That's why we created a better option: a new collection of ready to wear heels designed for every body- regardless of shape, size or identity.

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Let's Talk Fast Fashion 🏭

The fast fashion industry has been one of the most detrimental forces in recent years. The unrelenting pace at which trends come and go leaves many of us feeling left behind with many companies not making sizes for us at all. After surveying over 2,000 of you all here's what we've heard the most:

"I can never find my size"

Us too. Over 70% of women are plus-sized yet, only 23% of apparel made is for plus-size shoppers.

"I spend way too much and the quality is never great."

Most fast fashion companies only make clothes for a season which means they are usually cheaply made.

"The lack of sustainability measures from these companies is very concerning."

Over 17 tons of textile waste occurs globally.

It's time to rethink the manufacturing process and buying experience in fashion. 🧐

We're on a mission to do exactly that. Come experience a new way to buy.

People Are Loving Their Shopping Experience

Helping Everybody Show Up As They As Are ✨

Natalie F.


"The most comfortable shoes ever! I have scoliosis so perfectly sized heels is a game changer."

Jason H.

Heels are actually big enough!

"The only heels that fit the width of my feet. I always feel accepted and excited to get a package."

Sheila S.

Awesome customer service!

"The customer support is everything! My order came late and they refunded and went out of their way to get my items to me."

Kim P.

I feel so seen

"My feet are pretty wide so I've always worn flats. This is my first real pair of heels. So grateful that they actually fit. Its so hard to find pretty heels at my size."

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This Moment was created to help you celebrate exactly who you are. Here, you are loved for beingyouβ€” no changes necessary.

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