How To Size Your Feet

How To Size Your Feet

Why should you measure your feet?

Having accurate foot measurements is essential for us to create heels in the correct size for your feet. Since shoe sizes vary between manufacturers, your actual foot measurements are a more reliable indicator of your shoe size than the number of EU 39 shoes in your wardrobe. Plus, buying shoes that actually fit will spare you the discomfort and potential injury of wearing shoes that do not fit.

Anywhere between 25% – 75% of people wear the wrong size shoe for their feet (lots of research, lots of conflicting findings).  Incorrectly sized shoes also increase the risk of pain and problems in your feet, ankles, legs and even your lower back. Poorly fitting shoes can also alter your gait and distort your posture leading to health problems down the line.

This Moment sizes in standard US sizes. We recommend that you measure your feet to get the most accurate results. If you normally wear a half size here's your sizing suggestions: If your foot structure is narrow, size down - If your foot structure is wide, size up. 

Please refer to the size chart on each product page to find your ideal size.

How do I measure my feet?

Grab a piece of paper, a pen, a ruler, a wall, a friend and the feet you want to measure; then simply follow the steps below. The best time to measure your feet is in the evening since feet tend to swell throughout the day.

Step 1: Place a sheet of paper on the floor against a wall. Put your foot on the sheet of paper with your heel touching the wall. Stand up straight and balanced on both of your feet.

Step 2: Have a friend draw a line tracing your foot. You can do this yourself, but you risk a slightly less accurate measurement. Now, repeat step 1 and 2 with your other foot.

Step 3: Measure the maximum length of both of your feet. The length of the longer foot will be decisive for determining what shoe size you need.

Step 4: Measure the width of your feet parallel to the short edge of the sheet of paper. So do not measure the width diagonally from widest point to widest point, that will skew the result and make most feet seem ridiculously wide.

Need help getting sized? How do I send measurements back to you? 

You can email measurements to us at or simply reply to your order notification email!

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