We Wanted Everyone To Feel At Home In Their Bodies

This Moment was created to help you celebrate exactly who you are. Here, you are loved for being you — no changes necessary.

We Wanted To Change An Outdated Industry

Most brands use outdated sizing guidelines to determine shoe size, leaving many people forced to squeeze into heels that are too tight or waddle in heels that are too big.

The reality is that the standard size chart for heels has not changed for decades and many people struggle to find high heels that actually fit.

Instead, we offer two products. Ready to ship styles is sizes US 4-15 and a custom sizing shoe process where we take a 3D scan of the ball and heel of each foot to create a unique sizing pattern - one that will actually fit you.



From size to style, it is time for the fashion industry to create items that actually fit you. At This Moment, there are no guessing games, just good feels.

Sustainable 🌱

Being trendy doesn't have to be wasteful. We refuse to contribute to senseless overproduction in the fashion industry. Our heels are made to fit, made to last, and made on-demand.

Collaborative 👯

Our styles are inspired and chosen by you. Instead of trying to make you fit a trend, we only create the styles that you want.


On the right we have Kristen, our CEO and Founder! As a plus sized woman, finding shoes that fit properly and look cute has always been a struggle.

On the left, we have Celeste our marketing visionary and fashionista! Celeste has scoliosis and has never found comfortable heels that work for her.

Kristen and Celeste have been best friends since their freshman year of high school. Together, as a team, they have taken on the mission of redefining the size chart to work for everyone.

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